UFP and VOC Filtration

Patent pending Multi-Pass recirculating filtration technology confines, and repeatedly scrubs the contaminated air. Each pass through the filter media removes a small percentage of the total UFPs and VOCs until the majority has been removed. The process can run hundreds, to thousands of times, depending on the print duration.

Our solution has been independently tested and verified by IIT, The Illinois Institute of Technology, the university that first identified UFPs and VOCs emissions from 3D printers, and the related health concerns. 

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custom formulated EPDM sponge rubber Door SealS

EPDM Rubber compresses to form a optimal door seal, is tear resistant, and offers a UL94HB fire rating 


Adjustable Height and Angle Leveling Feet

Adjust the hight and angle of each foot to assure a level printing environment. 


Thermal Runaway Protection

Thermal runaway is where a printer's temperature regulator fails. Unchecked, thermal runaway can lead to printer damage and a fire.  Our enclosures monitor the temperature, and if needed, terminates power.

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Automatic Fire Suppression - (ACCESSORY)

In the event of a fire, the automated fire suppression system activates, filling the enclosure with ABC fire suppressant.  Applied to hot and smoldering surfaces, ABC powder fuses and swells to form a barrier which excludes oxygen, extinguishing the fire, and preventing re-ignition.

This system contains the fire within the enclosure, preventing expensive, smoke, fire, and water damage to the building.  


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Humidity Control

Humidity can damage your filament, resulting is blocked extruders and failed prints. All of our enclosures come with a large, non-toxic, orange silica cartridge that reduces humidity, and visual indicates when the cartridge needs to be changed. In addition, the enclosure touchscreen displays the current humidity level.

A humidity cartridge is also available for our cabinet to keep your stored filament dry.

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Heated Build Chamber 

Maintaining a elevated temperature in the enclosure improves print quality by reduce warping, curling, and cracking.    

Our eco-friendly, total heat recovery, heated build chamber, not only captures, and contains the heat generated from your printer's print head, and print bed, but captures all heat from the enclosure's power transformers, LED lights, and other electronics.


Touch Screen

Our enclosure features with a 7" Touchscreen, the touchscreen displays the camera status, Wifi indicator, system status, current filtration speed, lighting level, temperature, humidity, thermal cutoff level, and number of days until your next filter change. 

A setting icon, enables you to set enable/disable the camera, enable/disable and change Wifi setting, set location, adjust the lighting level, adjust the thermal cutoff temperature, adjust the filtration speed, and reset the filter counter when replacing the filters.

An update icon will appear when new features are available.

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Studio LED Lighting

Showcase your printer, and print, with 2400 lumens of 5000K dimmable, bright white light.

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Door Sensors

Our enclosures feature three sensors that detect when one, or more doors, are open. When open, the touchscreen presents a visual warning, and the enclosure disables the filtration system.  This ensures all doors are closed during printing, which is required for proper filtration. 

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WiFi enables software updates.

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Noise Dampening

Printers can be noisy, our enclosure suppresses the noise, enabling a more peaceful and focused workplace.


USB Passthrough 

To support printers that would like to use, or require, USB connections, the USB pass through enables USB connectivity within the enclosure's sealed environment.


filament Spool Holder - (ACCESSORY)

Many printers come with sub optimal filament reel locations, making them a challenge to fit into an enclosure.  Our spool holders replace your printer spool holder, holding two, or four spools of filament, in an optimal location over your printer.  

Our spool holders are adjustable, to accommodate almost any filament spool.


Dynamic CastorS - (ACCESSORY)

Our castors not only enable you to move your printer from room to room, but transform your enclosure into a stationary solution. At the turn of a knob, large rubber feet deploy, raising the castor wheels from the ground.  


Locking Doors 

Locking doors prevent unauthorized use, theft, and keeps small hands away from hot parts.



Three full height doors, with 170 degree openings and a wide top window provides un-obstructive access, and visibility to your printer.


New features are just a click away

Our team is developing a host of features to dramatically expand your enclosure's capabilities. When ready, these features will be available via download, at no additional cost.


Filtration Motor

150 CMF German 3-phase Backward-curved impeller, high efficiency with ball bearing smooth operation, and a 55,000 hour/6.2 years of continuous use service life.



years OF service

As printers get faster, offer higher resolution, and more material choices, upgrades are inevitable.  

Built from the highest quality parts, a heavy aluminum frame, honeycomb aluminum flooring, and strong plastics, our enclosures will last for many printer generations.